Top Fifty places interim and project managers around the world, too.

Ever since it was founded in 1996, Top Fifty has recruited interim managers and project managers internationally and found them work abroad for Swiss clients. In recent years, we have been able to arrange deployments of interim managers and project managers in Europe, the USA, South America, Africa and Asia, and these have been highly successful. Top Fifty works closely with experienced interim providers and partner companies around the world, most of them market leaders in their own countries. This gives clients access to a shared network of highly skilled managers in the world's key markets.
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SeniorManagementWorldwide (SMW) is an alliance of providers with access to the key interim markets and more than 50,000 management specialists around the world. Local contact partners, and yet short and direct communication paths, enable rapid solutions from first-class experts. Familiarity with the local culture makes it possible to find the best fit between candidates and the task at hand and ensures that the job is done successfully. Top Fifty facilitates SMW's work for the client and speeds the process up. The client is in touch with only one contact partner and benefits from the high quality standards and short communication paths to which they are accustomed. This way of working together is a significant asset when it comes to finding exactly the right solutions that work in specific countries.