How to become an interim manager at Top Fifty

Step 1: Send us your documents

First read the requirements demanded to the candidates interim managers of Top Fifty and decide yourself whether you fulfill the required conditions and want to be a part of this network. If you can answer both these questions with “yes”, please send us your complete application documents. Preferably apply here.

Step 2: Analysis of your CV

Top Fifty analyzes your CV and checks your prospects in the markets that we serve. Your USPs, (your Unique Selling Propositions), are decisive. Your CV should show in which respects you are unique and why your services will be asked for in the market. Top Fifty wants to offer top quality interim management. This makes it necessary for our network partners to present the needed uniqueness. This demands exceptional professional and personal qualities.

Hence it is not the number of members that we have in our network which counts. It is the quality of the members. This fact means that it can happen that we do not accept a candidate specialized in a certain field where we are numerous enough. We can, however, keep a candidate in reserve for an unexpected exceptional opportunity.  

Step 3: Personal interview

As soon as your CV has been positively analysed, you will be invited to an interview. This is intended to confirm our expectations which have resulted from your CV. The interview also makes it possible for us to get to know you personally, to check the professionalism of your appearance and to clarify open questions in a personal discussion.

Step 4: Contract

After the personal interview and presuming that all went well, Top Fifty will propose you a contract, which signing confirms that you have become network member.

Step 5: Mandate (assignment)

As soon as there are orders from clients which you can fulfill rapidly, in a competitive and competent manner, Top Fifty will contact you and we shall initiate negotiations with the clients.