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Business coach for companies and executives

Business coach for companies and executives

Business Coach - the sparring partner on equal footing.

Business coaching requires trust

Great demands are placed on executives. To ensure these demands can be met, companies and managerial staff are increasingly relying on the advice and support of experienced business coaches. .

The interim manager as business coach

Top Fifty's business coaches can provide support and advice to all management staff who want an experienced business partner at their side when tackling difficult processes and situations, such as proof of concept for a new production facility, the search for a successor solution or the sale of a company.

A seasoned professional with many years of experience in management and project management, a sparring partner who is familiar with the demands of executive management and understands how to treat confidential information, who can bring a new viewpoint to the table and is experienced in solving strategic problems – someone like this is a valuable person for a company’s management to consult with.

The interim manager as business coach
The business coach as sparring partner for executive management and company owners

The business coach as sparring partner for executive management and company owners

Developing a new strategic orientation, moderating strategy meetings with executive management and defining operational implementation are challenging and sensitive tasks. A business coach can be an efficient, focused leader in these situations. One who stays on-point and achieves results with as little emotion as possible.

With whom can a company owner discuss their strategy, successor solutions or a CEO replacement as a qualified professional on equal footing? A business coach can be an ideal sparring partner in these kinds of difficult and highly sensitive discussions.

Examples for the deployment
of Business Coaches

"Interim management is a total commitment to bringing about short-term change in a business."

Dr. Stephan Mayer, Business Coach

Critical corporate situations

An independent industrial machinery manufacturer with its own production and service facilities in Switzerland, Germany and China is being managed by a long-standing officer of the company under a succession plan. Following the acquisition of a majority stake in the company and related management problems, along with a downturn in orders after the Swiss franc shock in January 2015, an the company is to be externally reviewed by a business coach in the hope of identifying new options that could be tapped. This expert’s competence and expertise is also to be applied to help optimise and make recommendations for internal processes, projects and staffing.

Project outcome
The client: “Our expectations were more than met. That’s why we are continuing our collaboration with Top Fifty on a reduced basis.”

Interim manager: “In the last 1½ years, the company has made big strides in the right direction. The team is being continuously strengthened, the new head office in Switzerland is now operational and a fully updated product line will be introduced to the public at the EMO 2017 in Hannover.” (See the accompanying Video)

The order books are now full and the company will conceivably be reporting good results again in 2017.

Establishing production facilities abroad

Swiss companies with a high share of exports frequently find themselves under pressure to reduce costs by relocating production facilities abroad closer to their customers. An equipment manufacturer had its offshoring concept evaluated by an external expert. Manufacturing volumes at its newly established location abroad were continuously raised. The assignment consisted of evaluating the company’s location concept and its suitability for meeting the demands of the market. This might be compared to stress testing in the area of manufacturing. The client expected reliable results within a very short time on issues ranging from infrastructure and layout to organisation and team performance.

Project outcome
Interim manager's project feedback: Through onsite visits and interviews, combined with an analysis of the documentation, focused preparation of the workshop was possible, including detailed scheduling. My experience from over thirty mandates in the manufacturing industry enabled me to win the interest and motivate the involvement of all the participants as leader of the workshop. Even topics that weren’t controversial were addressed in the workshop, deepening the participants’ understanding of them. Several significant improvements could be identified and decided on with mutual consensus.

How to reach us

Discuss your specific needs directly with Top Fifty. You can reach us here - or by telephone / e-mail.

Explain your situation to us and the tasks which must be fulfilled. As soon as we know your requirements, we offer you
qualified personalities as business coaches within a short time.