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Interim Manager

Interim Manager

Interim managers are immediately available, take over responsibility and leave again as soon as the leadership is secured.


Top Fifty has a large network of more than 1'000 highly qualified executives

They are available within a few days and thanks to their personality, experience, flexibility and expertise, can be deployed in a solution-oriented and profitable manner in the shortest possible time.

Experienced interim managers

Interim managers provide companies with the relevant experience, know-how and skills needed - quickly and for as long as required. They assume responsibility, meet the agreed objectives and leave again once permanent managerial staff has been secured. Top Fifty's network boasts a large number of highly qualified and “hand-picked” interim managers with experience in a broad range of industries.

Interim managers in the Top Fifty network are selected according to three criteria – managerial experience, specific expertise and knowledge of their industry – and matched against the responsibilities laid down in the mandate. A situation analysis is conducted with the client, the mandate is formulated in detail, and an interim manager with a profile matching the task is selected.

Examples are provided below.

From the request to the first working day
of the Interim Manager about 20 days

Clarifying the situation 
in confidential talks

Clarifying the situation
in confidential talks

The company’s needs and interests are clarified in personal discussions (expectations, goals, specific requirements).

Proposed candidates and offer

Proposed candidates and offer

Within one day, the client receives a framework offer and the profiles of two or three candidates who fit the mandate (confidentiality ensured by NDA). Together with Top Fifty, the client then selects the candidates to be interviewed.

Candidate pick after interview

Candidate pick after interview

Comprehensive interviews are conducted with the candidates (maximum of two candidates) on the client’s premises with the support of a Top Fifty partner.

Deployment agreement and 
start of mandate

Deployment agreement and
start of mandate

A contractual agreement is concluded between the client and the interim manager specifying the mandate and the period of deployment.

Case management and 
regular contact

Case management and
regular contact

The interim manager and the client liaise with each other in regular discussions and jour fixe meetings. Top Fifty partners talk periodically with the client and the interim manager to discuss progress and guidance.

Flexibility and quick availability

There can be a direct pressure to act which requires quick intervention by companies in order to prevent greater damage.
Our interim managers are often the solution at the last minute.



Cases can be allocated into two core groups:


Critical management situations

Unexpected absence of a manager, restructuring, turnaround, lack of management capacity, lack of management competence, coaching of managers or management bottlenecks of all kinds.


Securing the company development

Development of new business units, market evaluation for new locations, introduction of new technologies, management of strategic projects, handling of mergers and acquisitions, specialists in a due diligence team or project management of all kinds.

Interim managers involve the individuals concerned, thus creating sustainable solutions.

Examples of successful interim management

Unexpected termination

An important manager terminates his position and can currently not be replaced neither internally nor externally. The directors are looking for a temporary solution with an experienced manager who can manage the area or the company in this transition phase. In the network of Top Fifty, there are qualified managers for unexpected transition phases.

Turnaround – Restructuring

Turnarounds require specific procedures which can put a strain on the relationships between the employees in the management team. An interim manager who can be deployed as a responsible manager leaves the company after the successful completion of his tasks. A long-term thinking, constructive supervisor can take over the tasks and lead his employees in a renewed appropriate manner.

Process Reengineering

A production manager from the area of plastics processing with experience in the automobile supply industry takes over the tasks of a production manager. His job is to restructure the processes and to define the interfaces with the complementary areas, lower the cycle time and to organize the three shift operations in a more efficient manner.


An experienced administration and foundation councilor from the bank and financial services sector is deployed as a delegate of the foundation board in one of the companies which is close to the private equity sector. In addition to representative tasks, he also takes over operational functions previously executed by the president.

Deployment HR manager

A personnel manager takes over the management of HR in a large educational institute. The personnel administration, which has been neglected for years, is reorganized and updated. Employee discussions take place regularly and the personnel documentation is completed. The personnel manager is looking for a successor and after six months hands over a functional HR department.

Additional examples of the deployment of interim managers

  • The available management capacity must be quickly expanded since there are urgent new tasks which can no longer be dealt with by the existing management.
  • The board of directors / advisory board has decided to replace a manager on short notice since the mutual trust relationship has deteriorated.
  • A manager is not available for an uncertain time as a result of illness or accident.
  • The definitive filling of a management position is not successful so that an interim solution is chosen in order to gain time.
  • Parts of the company must be completely redesigned, mentally and organizationally, which needs a strong person as project manager.
  • For the implementation of consulting projects you want to commission an external independent management personality.
  • For the management of a strategically important project, a person with high quality negotiation experience is needed.
  • For the introduction of new technologies, a project manager is needed who can contribute aspects of corporate management from his own experience.
  • For the succession of generations a mature management personality is needed as a coach.
  • For the stabilization of a company in a critical situation a management personality who is experienced in crises is wanted.
  • For the smooth development of new activities abroad, you want to commission a personality who knows foreign cultures and has a large network of relationships.
  • For the market introduction of new technologies, a project manager is wanted with excellent industry experience in the target market.
  • The great success of a company leads to growth problems (which may even lead to disturbances on the market) that need to be solved quickly with an experienced interim manager.
  • As an addition to the advisory board, you are looking for a personality with a very specific profile.

How to reach us

Discuss your specific needs directly with Top Fifty. You can reach us here or by telephone / e-mail.

Explain your situation to us and the tasks which must be fulfilled. As soon as we know your requirements, we offer you
qualified personalities as interim managers and project leaders within a short time.