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Extraordinary executives for challenging times

We place executives of the first and second management level for interim management and project management tasks. We have been doing this for more than 25 years in Switzerland and internationally.

For sustainable solutions

Our managers achieve the highest level of satisfaction with major problems during a relocation, a reorganization, a turnaround or a large-scale project in distress


Advantages of an Interim Manager

Interim managers talk about their profession

Our Services

Interim Management

The interim manager delivers to the busi-ness the needed experience, the essential knowledge and the desired skills. He is available immediately and remains in charge just for the necessary time. He assumes the responsibility and the leader-ship of the mission. He leaves as soon as success has been achieved and things are back to normal. In the network of Top Fifty, you will find a large number of very well qualified and carefully selected managers from different industries with various experiences.


Project Leader

The project leader assumes the leadership of a project in difficulties and brings it back to course. His management responsibility takes place when the wanted project manager in not available internally. He leaves as soon as the project is finished. The project managers in the Top Fifty network are searched according to three scriteria (project experience, specific knowledge and industry knowledge) and matched with the tasks which the client has set.


Business Coaching

Business coaches act as a sparring partner on an equal footing. Bringing considerable leadership experience and mature insights, they offer a fresh pair of eyes and open up new options on specific management topics and decisions. They are on hand when a practitioner’s outside expertise is called for or a client wants to explore possibilities that break out of their company’s own mindset. Business coaches are experienced interim or project managers, who can be hired for very brief periods, at short notice.


Qualified first contact

Finding the right manager in the right moment. TOP Fifty delivers proactive interim manager / CEO a.i. and project leaders

Why TOP Fifty manager?

TOP Fifty managers are selected among strict and prooven criterias. Knowing the best fit for specific situations and problem solving scenarios. Experience and empathy enables us to understand your challenge and offer you the best interim manager.

Pierina Tannò
Managing Director TOP Fifty

New ways and proofen concepts

Quick understanding and empathy for our customers - we understand your situation and can act immediately.

With Prioritization to Success

The implementation of a whole series of open IT projects came to a standstill and there was no discernible progress. A real estate service company therefore brought an interim manager on board to analyze the deadlock and get the projects back on track.

The efficiency of supply chains

Every franc, euro, dollar from increases in productivity ends up unfiltered in the company's EBIT. This financial "cushion" in EBIT allows any additional costs caused by higher stocks of materials or multiple sourcing strategies to be viewed as an "insurance premium". In Part IIII of our Supply Chain Series, Top Fifty Interim Manager and supply chain expert Beat Buser answers questions about supply chain efficiency.

Umfangreiche Transformation der Unternehmens-IT

Ein in der Medizinalforschung global tätiges Unternehmen hat mit der Unterstützung eines Spezialisten für Transformationen die Unternehmens-IT umfassend reorganisiert. Dies gelang hervorragend dank integrativem Führungsstil: Wer mitbestimmt und mitentwickelt, steht auch hinter der Implementation der gewählten Prozesse und Systeme.

Our Team

We give everything so that you can achieve your corporate goals with confidence and security.

Pierina Tannò

Pierina Tannò

Managing partner
Urs Tannò

Urs Tannò

Managing Partner
Gabi Neuner

Gabi Neuner

Office- & Project Management
Dr. Robert Sala

Dr. Robert Sala

Associate Partner
Natalia Winterberger

Natalia Winterberger


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