Examples for the deployment of project managers

New production line

An experienced project manager is selected to lead the development of a newly engineered production line in a chemical plant. He coordinates the different team members, installs an efficient project controlling and regularly reports to the supervisory committee. The investment volume is CHF 30 million.

Authorized project – lean structures

The management has proposed a project to the advisory board with a great deal of commitment. This also included different assumptions for its realization of the project. Analyses after the presentation show that the project might fail due to the lack of management resources.

The company is very successful, reaches the profit goals and earns very much money. One of the reasons is the extremely lean structure. Project managers needed for special efforts were lacking. Therefore it paid very well to use an external project manager from Top Fifty for the realization of the project.

Always the same

In many companies and their departments, persons are known who can successfully implement projects. Experience shows that you always get back to these persons and they are thus excessively overburdened. The same person is chosen time and again.  

In this case, too, it can be worth it to work together with a project manager from Top Fifty.

Specific know-how – experience

The interim managers from Top Fifty have clear profiles. They have specific knowledge of the industry and they know how to deal with difficult situations thanks to their own experience. It pays to profit from this experience and to use project managers from Top Fifty.

Project managers are external

As external project managers, the Top Fifty interim managers are not part of the inside rivalry. They do not put anyone's position at a risk and are not involved in the politics of the everyday company business. Their focus is exclusively the professional and timely solution of the tasks that were assigned to them.