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Caution: Avoid a management vacuum

Caution: Avoid a management vacuum

27.10.2021 Blog

A well-running industrial company had to part with their CTO at short notice and was looking for an interim manager to bridge the vacant management position. Our interim manager took over day-to-day operations, successfully completed stalled projects and improved the organization of the department.

Caution: Avoid a management vacuum

Preventing a management vacuum

Due to a good business model, an industrial company producing lubricants was successful.  They had parted ways with their CTO  (Chief Technical Officer). The employee had worked in the company for several years and shaped his area accordingly. In order to prevent a management vacuum that could lead to the loss of employees and unsettle customers, the company management entrusted our interim manager with the management of the department for around nine months.


Complete projects and distribute tasks better

Some projects stalled under the leadership of the previous CTO. In addition, the tasks in the team were not optimally distributed and the CTO had concealed negative experiences and shielded employees.

Our interim manager not only took over the deadlocked projects and brought them to a successful conclusion, he also built a new organization at the same time, filled the vacancies in the team and better distributed the tasks within the team. He always involved the employees and established a culture of transparency and honest feedback. In this way he succeeded in motivating the employees and bringing calm to the department.


Physical presence and close accompaniment

Despite COVID-related restrictions, the interim manager was physically present from day one, even if in some cases "only" via the screen. The close support, especially of key people, quickly led to a trusting relationship and an exchange on an equal footing. Thanks to his broad professional experience, he was able to pick up and motivate both the scientific and technological employees and the operations team.


Interim managers take over vacant management positions if these cannot be filled immediately. This is prevented by a leadership vacuum with all its negative consequences. We quickly and easily provide you with experts who are familiar with your industry and who have proven themselves as leaders. Contact us at or +41 (0)41 412 02 02.

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