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Navigating without a CTO - Interim Manager takes over

Navigating without a CTO - Interim Manager takes over


Successfully bridging a CTO change: How an interim manager took the helm, completed stalled projects and improved departmental organization.

Navigating without a CTO - Interim Manager takes over

What was the initial situation at the client and what did you find?

The company was in a good position with a working business model, but it had parted ways with its long-time CTO and was looking for a quick bridging solution for 9 months to keep the division running smoothly.

There were concerns that key employees in this division would leave, which would impact the company culture. The challenge was to keep the division going and not alienate employees and customers.


What were the three most important results you achieved?

  1. Taking ownership and building a motivating team spirit

  2. Taking over and completing projects

  3. New organization with better distribution of tasks and workloads


How did you achieve these results?

By retaining and motivating key employees, restructuring the organization and introducing efficient meetings. We addressed stalled projects, introduced transparency and honest feedback, recruited an experienced plant manager, and improved the performance of the division through targeted self-marketing.


Was there anything special about this mandate that was different from previous managers and approaches in this company?

  • Due to my broad professional experience (management of large R&D/technology areas and production/operational experience as COO), I was able to pick up and equally represent both the scientific/technological staff and the operations team.

  • A large physical presence (despite corona-related restrictions) and close exchange with the key employees quickly led to a trusting relationship with exchange at eye level.

  • Decisions were well prepared, made then communicated and not delayed.

  • Clear focus on projects and decisions, which are in the time horizon of months and not years.


No gap in management: Interim managers are a good and quick solution for short-term vacancies. We quickly and easily provide you with experts who are familiar with your industry and have proven themselves as leaders.

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