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From a bottleneck to efficiency

From a bottleneck to efficiency


The metalworking and grinding department, which was struggling with outdated machinery and an outdated operational organization, found itself in a bottleneck situation due to the rapid influx of orders. Instead of being overwhelmed by the challenges, the company decided to take proactive measures and hired an interim manager.

From a bottleneck to efficiency

The interim manager achieved the following results:

  • Increase in area productivity by 30%: Old, barely used machines were disposed of and new, more compact and standardized workstations were created.

  • Increase in labour productivity: The machinery was significantly modernized through an investment offensive in the high 6-digit range.

  • Optimization of routes: A new production layout was created with a central machining center, central tool storage and designated areas for further growth

Implementation and special features during the mandate:

  • Direct presence of the interim manager: by setting up his workstation on site, he was able to maintain close contact with the employees.
  • Regular communication and involvement: Regular meetings and the formation of a steering committee maintained a close link with management.

  • Participatory approach: Employees and management were actively involved in the process, which led to greater acceptance of the solutions and minimized resistance.

Personal highlight of the interim manager:

The personal highlight was the open and trusting atmosphere throughout the project and the management's approval of all proposals and investment requests.


Thanks to a pragmatic approach, close contact with employees and management and a participative approach, the metalworking and grinding shop was successfully led out of its bottleneck situation and set on a successful course.

The deployment of the interim manager was crucial to the successful transformation of the production department.


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