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Restructured to save the company

Restructured to save the company

14.04.2021 Restrukturierung
Restructured to save the company

Initial situation: With running costs but no income, the company was facing the end

Our customer from the event and trade fair industry was aware of the pandemic’s consequences. Without quickly implemented measures, the lack of income and the fixed costs would lead to an unrecoverable deficit and thus the end of the company. The goals for the interim manager employed were accordingly ambitious: He had to implement a restructuring plan as quickly as possible that would enable the company to survive the pandemic with the least possible loss. Unfortunately, layoffs were inevitable.


Way to the solution: Implement restructuring and overcome depression

The main aim was to optimize and standardize processes. While the restructuring was going on, an exhibition hall could be rented to someone else at the same time and the whole team implemented other creative (small) projects and innovations that were able to compensate for the missing income.

The company communicated the layoffs pronounced at all organizational levels transparently, supported those who had been terminated as much as possible, motivated employees and got them out of their downcast mood. A weekly review and outlook from the management as well as a monthly online live appearance helped a lot in this regard.


Decisive success factors: A united demeanor and a positive look ahead

The interim manager and the company's management quickly became a good team. The management stood united behind all measures (including the unpopular ones), which significantly supported the cooperation with all those involved in these uncertain times. The rapid implementation of new, innovative projects also contributed greatly to the success. Thanks to the interim manager, the employees looked ahead and were able to overcome the understandable dejection.


Events like a pandemic hit companies unexpectedly and sometimes with full force. In order to save a company in such a case, unpopular measures are often necessary. We quickly and easily provide you with experts who will help you to get through this challenging time in the best possible way.

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