How do I become a Top Fifty interim manager?

Our customers are used to being able to immediately fulfill their open positions in the first and second management levels. Therefore each interim manager must meet substantial requirements. Interim managers from Top Fifty must first of all be very mobile and flexible. Second they must be in a position to fulfill the requirements of the assigned level of responsibility within the company. Therefore their management experience, paired with the necessary professional and social competence, is therefore decisive.

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Events for Interim Managers




Abendseminar 2017

6. November 2017
au Premier, Bahnhof

Top Fifty

AIMP Regionalforum

26. Oktober 2017
Anglo-German Club


AIMP Jahres-Forum 2017
Geisenheim (D)

21./22. April 2017
Burg Schwarzenstein


Abendseminar 2016
Erfolgreiche Mandatsführung

7. Nov. 2016
au Premier, Zürich

Top Fifty