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What must be taken into account when relocating or merging locations?

What must be taken into account when relocating or merging locations?

04.08.2021 "interim management konkret"

Relocations and mergers are complex projects that require sufficient attention and planning if they are to succeed. Due to the changed conditions caused by the pandemic, many companies will be forced to deal with such projects this year.

What must be taken into account when relocating or merging locations?

We asked Thomas Hauser, ad interim project manager for relocations, what he deems especially important in the process.

Which traits characterize you?

«Straight forward». I always follow this guiding principle, which means to record, analyze, determine and implement. Collaboration is important: involving stakeholders and timely communication are essential. 

Why are you especially well-suited to comment on the issue of "operational implementation of a relocation or merger"?

I have gained broad experience in the implementation of many interdisciplinary projects and I know the situation from very different perspectives. Relocations and mergers are particularly challenging because you are not only dealing with relocating machines, but also with people. 

This year, some companies will want to relocate the production site or merge it with another. According to your experience, which points are particularly important to consider? 

  1. You should have a clear view concerning the product portfolio and profitability in general. Which products are profitable and should be moved / merged and which productions have to be stopped? 
  2. A project of this size takes more than six months. Setting ambitious goals is good, but they have to be realistic. Good preparation is the name of the game. And when it is communicated from above that a site is being dismantled, qualified people will leave. That is why good and well-founded planning, including key people at all levels, is important. 
  3. What must be done before the move? This is about cleaning up material core data, drawings, production documents etc. The corresponding IT systems must be available and have to function smoothly. Processes must be clarified, adjusted and, if possible, simplified so that the workflow runs flawlessly after the move. In addition, it should be considered whether (partial) automation can be implemented (keyword: digitization). The employees have to be instructed so that all information is available promptly at all locations and all knowledge is applied correctly (keyword: process optimization).


Highly complex projects such as relocations and mergers require not only precise planning and sufficient time, but also a lot of experience. Interim managers from Top Fifty bring exactly this practical knowledge with them and thus quickly achieve good solutions in such a case. We quickly and easily provide you with experts who support you in mastering such challenges.  /  +41 41 412 02 02


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