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Organizational development and process optimization in electrical engineering

Organizational development and process optimization in electrical engineering

13.07.2021 Blog

Our customer, a company from the electrical engineering sector, has grown very quickly internationally in the past. When physical proximity to customers in Eastern Europe and China became increasingly important, the company was faced with the challenge of moving the organization to these locations.

Organizational development and process optimization in electrical engineering

Starting position: A company that is oriented too locally in an international environment

Despite strong international growth, the company’s organization process was lined up rather locally. As the proximity to customers in Eastern Europe and China became more and more important, the management realized that the existing organizational structure had to be adapted. At the same time, inefficient processes in Human Resources Management (HRM) should be eliminated and the, quite sluggish, local way of thinking broken up. In addition, there were hardly any reliable figures from the HRM available so far - this deficiency also had to be remedied.


Way to the solution: Work out, discuss, select and closely monitor scenarios

In order to implement this structural and cultural transformation, Top Fifty provided the company with an interim manager with extensive HRM experience. In cooperation with the board of directors and the management, he worked out various scenarios that were not only intended to implement organizational changes and rectify grievances but were also based on the corporate strategy and the guiding principle of “think global, act local”.

After intensive discussions and careful consideration of all advantages and disadvantages, it was finally clear which scenario should be implemented. For this, the interim manager created a roadmap and a script that described the process and implementation in detail. He accompanied the entire process of this realignment step by step, so that the company can now look to the future stronger than before.


Decisive success factors: Transparent communication and early integration of everyone involved

In order to create the prerequisites for our customer to remain successful in the long term, the interim manager brought his vast knowledge into HRM. He communicated the upcoming changes across all levels in a comprehensible, transparent and timely manner and involved the second management level, which was responsible for operational implementation, at an early stage. For the employees who had to leave the company due to the relocation, he developed a tailor-made social plan and ensured that they were looked after and supported with respect. The employees remaining in the company were closely monitored and, in particular, supported in the cultural transformation through various activities.


If a company develops very quickly, parts of the organization may miss this development. This causes inefficient processes and unnecessary costs. In the worst case, customers are about to reorientate themselves. Interim managers from Top Fifty who specialize in organizational development and human resources management know these challenges and will help you to master them in a targeted manner. Contact us at or +41 (0) 41 412 02 02.

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