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Company successfully sold after turnaround

Company successfully sold after turnaround

14.01.2022 Blog

In order to be able to sell the company, which was successful on the market but over-indebted, an owner and sole shareholder has enlisted the support of an interim manager.

Company successfully sold after turnaround

Overindebted despite successful operational business

A company that had not generated a positive result for more than 10 years was to be sold. Although it was successful in the market because it served promising growth markets, it was heavily indebted. The sole shareholder had only been able to ensure the continued existence of the company by taking out loans, but he had never reorganized it to get out of the negative spiral.


Negotiating skills and a bit of luck

Our interim manager was supposed to get the company back on track financially in order to then be able to sell it. To do this, he first had to rehabilitate the balance sheet. He was able to do this mainly because he was able to convince the owner to waive the claim.

The corona pandemic was helpful for once because it brought the company disproportionate growth. In this way, the interim manager was able to stop the cash drain and reorganize the company without taking on further shareholder loans. He consistently aligned the corporate structure to the target markets, created business units and combined all operational activities in production and logistics in one operational area. The newly introduced project management with clear responsibilities and the weekly coordination with the customer supported the process significantly.

After the turnaround was successful, an external specialist supported the sale of the company. He involved the sole shareholder, the management and our interim manager very well and handled the entire sales process with great care.


Decisive success factors

"The special thing about interim management is that an interim manager leads, but is not part of the company's inventory," says our interim manager. "It gives you the freedom you need to take action that a permanent CEO can't do easily, or not at all, in some cases." In this case, this in combination with a great deal of sensitivity in communicating with the stakeholders made the successful turnaround and sale possible.


A successful turnaround requires knowledge, experience and often also communicative sensitivity. Our interim managers have the best qualifications to get a company back on track. Contact us at or +41 (0)41 412 02 02.

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