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Suddenly the CEO is missing - avoid a leadership vacuum

Suddenly the CEO is missing - avoid a leadership vacuum


The sudden absence of a top management person can lead to many uncertainties and delayed decisions. The use of an interim manager prevented this leadership vacuum after the departure of a country group CEO.

Suddenly the CEO is missing - avoid a leadership vacuum

Ensure ongoing operations and support major projects

The company, world market leader in the manufacture of medical products, was confronted with the departure of the country group CEO a few years ago. Because not only should the uncertainty of the employees be prevented, but also a turnaround of a country sales company and the introduction of a new ERP system were imminent, the management decided to use an interim manager. This gave the company time to calmly recruit a new division head.


Complex tasks accomplished

The interim manager had three tasks: First, he had to meet the current business goals, second, he had to resolve the critical situation of a large country sales company with clear management decisions, and third, he had to drive the introduction of the new ERP system in the group of countries he had taken over.

Among other things, he succeeded in the former by intensively involving key people. Due to the stability and continuity achieved in this way, the specified business goals could be achieved and in some cases even exceeded.

During the turnaround of the country sales company, the interim manager carried out the necessary personnel measures and accompanied their implementation. In this way he was able to ensure sales management and increase sales again.

Together with the team, he successfully implemented the ERP pilot project in a short period of time and thus laid the foundation for the complex introduction of the ERP system, which was then introduced simultaneously in four national companies after the pilot project.


Clear, open communication

Both the Group CEO and the interim manager say: The clearly communicated goals and decisions helped to quickly bring calm and clarity to the organization. And thanks to the transparent communication, the interim manager was able to pick up the employees and ensure their commitment to the company and the achievement of the project goals.


Interim managers successfully prevent the threatening management vacuum when companies are confronted with the departure of managers. They run the day-to-day operations, manage additional projects and ensure the handover to the new job holder. Contact us at or +41 (0)41 412 02 02 if we may support you in such a situation.



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