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How do I review growth strategy?

How do I review growth strategy?

11.02.2022 Blog

The environmental conditions of a company are constantly changing. What is the market doing, what do customers want, what influence do new technologies have? How do I keep track of everything and update my growth strategy? The CEO of a leading global specialist provider of software and hardware solutions asked himself these questions and commissioned a multi-day workshop with all top managers.

How do I review growth strategy?

Revise growth strategy

Our customer is a leading global specialist provider of software and hardware solutions. In order to continue to operate successfully in the market, the new CEO wanted to revise the growth strategy and eliminate "diseases" that had found their way in over the years.


The aim of the workshop: To collect input, develop and prioritize fields of action

The interim manager we provided for the workshop first clarified the desired goals and then drew up a "pre-read" document for all managers who took part in the workshop. It was both an analysis of the environment (information on the industry, customers, competition, social developments and trends) as well as the company (mission, vision, financial situation, key customers, growth in recent years).

The workshop started on this basis. The preferred methodological approach: brainstorming cards. These ensure that the ideas and opinions of all participants are collected. Prioritization then takes place in subsequent discussions in the plenum. In this way, a common view of the most important points can be developed in the limited time available.

This means in this case: The contents of various jointly developed analyzes (industry structure, competition, Porter's 5 Forces, etc.) have been incorporated into a superordinate SWOT analysis, the participants have defined growth areas, and, towards the end of the workshop, developed an updated vision statement.


Decisive success factors:

The joint thought process has directed the management team to a common denominator. The weaknesses revealed in the SWOT analysis were assigned to individual action plans and the tasks were distributed to the managers. After the workshop, they worked out the analyzes and decisions assigned to them with their departments and implemented the new processes.

The revised vision statement was formulated by the marketing department and then introduced at employee events throughout the company.


Updating the corporate strategy or parts of it is extremely important in order not to lose touch with the market. We provide you with experts quickly and easily, who will work out the specific procedure with you and support the chosen procedure. Contact us at 

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