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In Swiss companies interim management is in demand

In Swiss companies interim management is in demand

06.06.2023 TopNews

The Swiss interim management market will grow to over CHF 380 million in 2023 / Around 2,000 interim managers are active in Switzerland / The fastest growing sectors are consumer goods, chemicals/pharmaceuticals and construction / 2/3 of assignments are for management vacancies and change management / 1/3 of interim managers are assigned to executive boards.

In Swiss companies interim management is in demand

AIMP Provider Survey 2023

The industry comparison shows the change in demand in favor of consumer goods, the chemical / pharmaceutical and construction industries. These are all sectors that were of great importance to consumers, partly due to the pandemic, and demanded additional volumes in service, production and processing. 

For years, management vacancies have been the most frequent area in which interim managers have been deployed. Interim managers are also constantly deployed to lead companies through phases of change (change management). A management vacuum is the biggest driver for the deployment of an experienced interim manager.

Management areas that served to optimize and support reorganization and transformation processes have grown through the increased use of interim managers. Compared to the previous year, interim managers were increasingly deployed in overall management and production. Personnel management as a service provider and the IT organization were called upon to deploy specialists with leadership experience on a temporary basis due to the high expectations of digitalization.

It is clear that in order to bridge temporary bottlenecks in management positions or to be able to act quickly and flexibly in times of change, companies and in particular small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are increasingly looking for highly qualified temporary managers. 

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Studie zur Marktentwicklung Schweiz 2023


Top Fifty, Interim Management has been supplying experienced interim managers to industrial and service companies, trade and administration for over 27 years.

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The annual survey on market development was conducted by the Arbeitskreise Interim Management Provider (AIMP) and the umbrella association Deutsches Interim Management e.V. (DDIM). Top Fifty has been analyzing the data relevant to Switzerland as part of the AIMP study for the sixth year, creating a dataset that attempts to depict trends in interim management in Switzerland.

Note: Top Fifty employs male and female interim managers equally. However, for the sake of fluidity in language, we use only the male form in this text and the survey.

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