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HR management transformation process

HR management transformation process


After years of stability, the energy sector is currently undergoing a major transformation, which means that a lot has to change within energy service companies in a short space of time. This transformation process requires strong and effective human resources management.

HR management transformation process

A leaderless HR team in a changing market environment

Our client did not have the appropriate human resources processes and offerings required for the upcoming changes. As a result, the increased demands of employees and managers (e.g. New Work) and the changed circumstances (e.g. shortage of skilled workers) could not be adequately addressed, which led to dissatisfaction, mistrust and blocked projects. When the HR manager left and the 15-strong team was weakened due to many personnel changes, the company management decided to appoint an interim HR manager.


Pragmatic and solution-oriented for rapid improvements

The interim manager appointed by Top Fifty invested a great deal of time and personal commitment in the management, particularly at the beginning of the mandate, and also took on operational activities where necessary. This strengthened the trust of the HR team as well as the company management and all other employees. On this basis, she was able to improve dialog within the company and establish a more open management and communication culture.

In the further course of the mandate, the interim manager built up the HR team in a stable manner and established the foundations for the HR strategic fields of action, carried out leadership and organizational developments (e.g. a workshop on the topic of "goals and collaboration" in a main business area) and introduced simple working methods such as the Kanban Board. Her solution-oriented approach and approachability quickly led to a high level of acceptance across all staff levels, so that after a short time everyone was pulling in the same direction, which in turn quickly led to good results and a significantly improved working atmosphere.


Sustainable introduction of the new HR management

The staff handover to the new HR manager took place as part of a longer handover period in the form of top sharing, in which open and synergetic collaboration took place. This helped to further develop and implement the foundations laid by the interim manager quickly and without any loss of know-how.


Meeting challenges in the transformation process openly

Change always means major challenges, be it a changing market environment, new technologies or social change. Meeting these changes with an open mind and at the same time engaging managers and staff with benevolent and authentic communication is often the key to a sustainable realignment.

Interim managers from Top Fifty bring an open view from the outside as well as the knowledge and conviction of how a problematic situation can be resolved. We can quickly and easily provide you with experts who are familiar with your industry and have a proven track record as project managers.

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